McLaren Bellevue Launch Event


McLaren Seattle Launch Event

McLaren Seattle invites you to the event of the year as we unveil the extraordinary on December 12th, curated by the Pacific Northwest’s exclusive McLaren retailer.
Hosted at the completely new and exclusive Drivers Club facility, you will witness the official launch of McLaren Seattle, with transfixing entertainment from a violinist extremist and cuisine by an international culinary Olympian.


December 12th, 7PM – 9PM


Drivers Club
7310  185th Avenue NE, Redmond WA


You and a guest

Prepare. Commit. Belong.


McLaren Automotive is built on pioneering technology, fearless engineering, beautiful yet purposeful design, and a relentless spirit.

We expect a great deal from our vehicles, so we ask a lot of ourselves and our drivers.

Our mantra: Prepare. Commit. Belong. Are you ready?


From the peerless P1™ to the iconic McLaren Senna, every car we build incorporates race-bred technology, pioneering innovation and our celebrated obsession with detail. It’s how Bruce did it. It’s how we do it. It’s how it should be done.

The Production

Spotless. Quiet. Clinical. A fusion of precise production techniques and hand craftsmanship, our bespoke assembly process and celebrated attention to detail ensure every car we produce is worthy of the McLaren badge.

The Design

Beauty is inherent in an optimised design. As a racing company, the styling and visual language of our cars is inspired by our Formula 1™ racing innovations and advanced aerodynamics. Shrink-wrapping the bodywork over the car’s mechanical skeleton, for example, reduces volume, removes weight and helps improve the car’s aerodynamic performance. It also creates an optimised visual design: lean, potent and beautiful to look at.

Learn more about McLaren at our launch event.

The Venue

Drivers Club is an exclusive new social club with vehicle storage and collection management. Newly opened in Redmond, the facility features a clubhouse with private lounge, secure storage for car collectors, and community connections for those who are passionate about cars.